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Draw your own compass roses. Copy designs you have seen -- of compass roses, or patterns that are like compass roses. Or could be. Or make up your own.

Roses on the ground

Draw them outside. Draw them where people can see them. Draw them where no one can see them. Draw them here, draw them there.

Think of the East, the West, the South the North. Think of what is in each direction. Think of where you are and what you can do to connect with people around our globe. Beste casino

Write the name of this website -- -- by the side of your compass roses, so people who see them will have somewhere to go where they can understand why you drew the rose.

Draw compass roses with chalk, with pastels, with paint, with lined-up stones, with sand, in the sand, in the snow -- anyway, anyhow, draw them.

Open your heart to the World, make a mark alone or with a friend and claim the Earth. We like viagra otc

Compass roseCompass roseCompass rose

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